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Weave & Co. Gallery

COMPANY PROFILE Weave & Co Gallery is a one stop destination dedicated to the promotion and sales of authentic original Nigerian Art & Craft including Leisure furniture pieces, Basket works, Metal sculpture, decorative items, fashion accessories, clothing, gift items, gift packaging and Paintings. The Gallery only stocks curated items with deep meaning both from the […]

Yours Truly Ventures

YTV Foods is: Taking the best of your world to that of others! Yours Truly Foods YTV Foods (of Yours Truly Ventures) is run by Ms.Oluyemisi Ogundipe the CEO. Currently in the agro foods value chain space, to be part of boosting our local agricultural products, through processing and packaging of commonly available produce for larger […]


Our company OPAJAK SARL is selling natural cosmetics under the Brand “Belle Femme Performante”. Our organic skin care and hair care products are made with shea butter and authentic Moroccan argan oil cold pressed, 100% pure, certified organic, laboratory tested, free from any additives, includes antioxidants, carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. our products […]

Kokxies Ltd.

About Us   Kokxies Limited is a strong fashion brand that has continued to represent African style, authenticity and quality since its founding in 2008. Founder, Rosemercy Mills-Robertson, has created a brand that makes clothing articles that merge modern style and African authenticity, with the influence of contemporary western forms and cuts. At the heart […]

Ele Agbe Company Ltd.

Ele Agbe Company LTD Background Ele Agbe Company Limited, was founded in Ghana West Africa in 1993 by Comfort Adjahoe-­‐Jennings. The company specializes in the production and export of Handicrafts, Recycled glass beads jewelry, and manufacturing of Shea products. (Ele Agbe means ‘God is Alive’ in the Ewe language of Ghana.) History and Development It […]

Afrikoncept Collection

Afrikoncept Collection: A Celebration of Creative African Fashion Fusion Representing African styles in modern times can be mostly herculean; especially because there has been an uncontrollable rush for western fashion in the region. Afrikoncept is an African way of changing this narrative, using the best of what we have in the continent to funkify fashion […]