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Africa Trade Development Center

ATDC promotes, and facilitates trade between Africa, the US, and the Americas. Located in the Miami Free Zone, a fully functioning trade hub to the Americas; ATDC provides technical assistance, and distribution support for export ready micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) from AGOA eligible countries.

ATDC also serves as a trade resource center for small businesses interested in expanding trade between the US and emerging markets in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. MSMEs on our on-line portal are doing extraordinary things to uplift their communities. Let’s support them

This December, the Africa Trade Development Center (ATDC), received its first shipment of products from Africa under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). These quality, hand crafted products are available on, and are being shipped across the US and the Americas, directly from the ATDC in Miami, Florida, USA.

AfrICANDOMALL is your on-line shopping MALL experience, offering quality products and services from across Africa and the Americas!

The Can Do spirit of the producers and service providers selected for this site manifests itself in the authentic, unique, and high quality products offered on our portal. The people that create these products are doing extraordinary things to empower their communities, and expand cultural ties and trade with the United States, and other nations in the Americas.

We only carry brands from companies that are designed with your specific needs in mind, and dedicated to your satisfaction. ATDC stands behind the reputation and quality of each member STORE!

Shop AfrICANDOMALL, now and receive 20% off your first order, plus. free shipping on orders over $75.00