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Institute for Democracy in Africa


The Institute for Democracy in Africa (IDA) was established in 1994 to create an academic and research environment for incubating and nurturing innovative democratic approaches to solving the social, political and economic problems facing African nations. IDA was designed to serve as the “think tank” arm of the Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA).

The main mission of IDA is to serve as an educational, training and research organization dedicated to the professional development of African individuals, organizations and communities. To that end, IDA offers certificate programs in various areas of need for developing country professionals. Our courses blend the theoretical with the practical to make them more relevant as educational opportunities for mid-career professionals.

Further information about IDA available on our website at All inquiries regarding admission should be addressed to the

Course Fees

Students accepted to the IDA program are subject to a tuition charge of $1850.00 per course. The course fees include: lunch, ground transportation. In addition, students are subject to $150.00 for course materials.

Late Registration Fee
Students that do not register for classes before the due date have to pay a $100.00 fine.

Admissions Policies

Because IDA accepts as students, professionals with varying academic credentials, our certificate programs offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Each satisfactorily completed course earns three CEUs. Our certificate programs offer an intensive course of training in which students take a semester-long course load in six weeks. A minimum of six courses is offered in each area of study (with noted exceptions). Students must select and satisfactorily complete three courses in an area in order to receive a certificate for that area. Students may select fewer than three courses, but they will not earn a certificate. 


ACADEMIC PROGRAMS (click on a program to learn more)

Political Management Certificate Program (PMCP)
Elections are no stronger than the political parties that field candidates who provide coherent, attractive choices to voters. This course of study is designed for professionals who manage political campaigns, officials who manage party structures and politicians who run for office.

The Institute for Democracy in Africa conducts Parliamentarian Training during AfrICANDO 2019
The Institute for Democracy in Africa (IDA), conducted political management training for Parliamentarian members of the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Congo from October 10 -14, 2019, in Miami, Florida, USA. IDA’s Political Management Certificate Program (PMCP) is designed for officials who manage party structures, professionals who manage political campaigns, and politicians who run for office.  PMCP addressed the following topics:

  • The American Constitution and the Rule of Law
  • Ethics and Transparency in Government
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Human Rights and Freedom of Speech
  • Communication and the Legislative Process – “How Laws are Made”

    The program also included site visits to the Miami-Dade County Elections Department and the Doral City Council. 

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