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AfrICANDO – US-Africa Trade and Investment Conference/Trade Show


AfrICANDO is FDA’s Annual Event that Advances Themes Around Economic and
Social Development in Africa

The inaugural AfrICANDO-US- Africa Trade and Investment Conference was organized in 1998 in Miami, Florida. The symposium was organized to celebrate the end of the Cold War and as a forum to deliberate on how best the countries of Africa can focus their resources to provide the necessary infrastructure and development that will integrate their economies into the mainstream of the global economy, thereby improving the standard of living for the people of Africa. The symposium also served as a vehicle to showcase the “new and improved” Africa to the American business leaders/owners and investors with a view of encouraging them to invest more and trade more with Africa

AfriCANDO brings together African and US business men and women, educators, government policymakers and administrators, trade and investment experts, bankers and representatives from international organizations to address cutting edge issues and challenges to US-Africa trade development, particularly, expansion of markets for African products in the international marketplace, especially in the Americas.

AfrICANDO is held in Miami, Florida, which is located on the southeastern tip of the United States and is considered the Gateway to the Americas. Miami is the closest American city to the Caribbean and most of Latin America, and also is the closest US city to Africa. Consequently, Miami is positioned and well on its way to becoming the Gateway to Africa.  The event also includes a trade show, and business matchmaking.

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AfrICANDO is designed to assist civil society organizations (CSOs), micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs), and the African Diaspora in creating linkages with US businesses and other stakeholders by:

  • Navigating US-Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation using AGOA benefits
  • Reaching new markets
  • Expanding their distribution networks
  • Generating end client inquiries
  • Increasing their product/service visibility
  • Leveraging African Diaspora skills, investment and advocacy to fast track development
AfrICANDO 2022 will feature Seminars, B2B Matchmaking,  a Trade Expo, and a Gala Awards Dinner.
Areas of Business Development Opportunities include :
  • Trade and Investment/ Miami Gateway Initiative
  • Health Security/Vaccine Manufacturing for Africa
  • Climate and Food Security
  • Tourism
  • MIA Pharma Logistics Hub/ Gateway to Americas

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