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Kokxies Limited is a strong fashion brand that has continued to represent African style, authenticity and quality since its founding in 2008. Founder, Rosemercy Mills-Robertson, has created a brand that makes clothing articles that merge modern style and African authenticity, with the influence of contemporary western forms and cuts.

At the heart of the brand’s philosophy is the dedication to style, elegance, African authenticity and people. These pillars are evident in the selection of prints, our tailors, the creative environment of work, and dedication to upgrading employee skills. The merging of western contemporary styles, and authentic African prints, at very competitive prices has allowed Kokxies to become a strong self-sustaining brand without any significant marketing activities. Through its operations, Kokxies has been able to train and provide real working experience to 20 young tailors through its in-house training on skills such as finishing, pattern making and customer experience.

Purpose: Kokxies Limited celebrates the beauty of the Ghanaian woman, man and style, by creating beautiful African designs that makes them feel vibrant and enchanting.

Vision: Kokxies Limited aims to become the preferred brand for smart, casual, stylish and authentic Ghanaian clothing for African style enthusiasts everywhere.


Finished African Print ready to Wear Clothing items for men and Women. Young Professional African Men and Women enthusiastic about African Print Style.

E-mail: kokoakakraba1@gmail.com
Phone: 233244545223
Website: https://web.facebook.com/kokxies/


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