The Foundation for Democracy in Africa

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The Foundation for Democracy in Africa is a Washington based non-profit, nonpartisan organization. The Foundation was founded in 1994 with the intent to vertically integrate a culturally based program aimed at strengthening and enhancing the fundamental principles of democracy, freedom, and economic plurality in Africa.


Core Programs:

  • Research & Training Institute - The Foundation for Democracy in Africa, in pursuit of its objectives, established the Institute for Democracy in Africa.
  • Educational Resources - The Foundation develops programs, and affiliates, with local and national universities for research and educational purposes.
  • Workshops & Internships - The Foundation provides the necessary leadership to conduct, on a regular basis, training and internship programs


The Mission of the Foundation is to implement the principles of culturally based democratic government within the African society, brining the countries of Africa into the mainstream of the global economy through free enterprise, thus cultivating the pathway for peace and prosperity from resulting economic opportunities.

Membership Categories:

USD $25
(Must show proof of on-going studies in a recognized citadel of higher learning)

USD $75
(Individual membership)

USD $2,500
(Individual membership)

USD $25,000
(Must be a legally licensed or registered business entity)

USD $50,000
(Corporate or individual membership)





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