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About AfriCANDO Mall

AfrICANDO Mall is an On-line Shopping MALL experience, offering quality products and services from across Africa and the Americas!

Using our 20 plus years’ experience working on the ground in communities throughout Africa, and select regions of the Americas, ATDC staff carefully chooses each STORE in our MALL; selecting only those producers whose products and services offer authenticity, value, and affordability!

The Can Do spirit of the producers and service providers selected for this site manifests itself in the authentic, unique, and high quality products offered on our portal. The people that create these products are doing extraordinary things to empower their communities, and expand cultural ties and trade with the United States, and other nations in the Americas.

We only carry brands from companies that are designed with your specific needs in mind, and dedicated to your satisfaction. ATDC stands behind the reputation and quality of each member STORE!

We invite you to sit back, and take a virtual journey through our MALL, on a shopping excursion across Africa, and the Americas!