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Why Donate to The Foundation for Democracy in Africa?

The media often exposes us to disturbing images of violence, oppression and poverty on the African continent. Starving children, war-ravaged landscapes and hopeless images of despair fill the airwaves at every mention of the African continent. If you have often wondered what can be done, and have wanted to make a difference, supporting the Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA) is good way to do so. The FDA’s work in the implementation of culturally-based programs designed to strengthen and enhance democracy, freedom and economic plurality throughout Africa require extensive financial and technical support. As the custodian of WHADN (which aims to unite the diaspora to contribute to the development of the continent), Institute for Democracy in Africa (aimed at education and research) and the AGOA Civil Society Network (which rallies civil society organizations around issues concerning US-African trade), the FDA has a great need for your contribution. Your donation will make a great difference in the advancing and implementation of our various projects and initiatives under these programs and ultimately, make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate and oppressed on the African continent.

For more information about specific FDA projects and initiatives or queries regarding donating online to the FDA, please email or call 202-331-1333.

There Are a Number of Ways to Donate to The Foundation for Democracy in Africa!

Donate through American Express

Renew or Buy a New or Gift Magazine Subscription

Online Donations

Other Ways to Give


Donate to FDA through American Express or Using American Express Membership Rewards

Give to The Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA) by donating with your American Express Card. Donations can be made in dollars or Membership Rewards® points. Your dollar donation is tax deductible and you will receive an e-mail receipt that meets IRS requirements as a record of your contribution. The site also enables you to set up recurring donations to FDA. Plus, you can earn one Membership Rewards point for virtually every dollar you donate on an eligible, enrolled Card.

* To be eligible to earn bonus points, you must be enrolled in the Membership Rewards program at the time of the donation and must charge your purchase on an eligible, enrolled American Express® Card. Terms and conditions of the Membership Rewards program apply. For more information visit www.americanexpress.com/rewards. Donation of Membership Rewards points are not tax deductible.

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Renew or Buy a New or Gift Magazine Subscription and Support FDA!

Help support The Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA) by renewing your favorite magazine subscriptions, subscribing to new magazines, or giving gift subscriptions to friends, relatives, and/or business associates.

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Online Donations

Though you are welcome to donate any amount, we suggest you use the below donation levels in choosing the anount you decide to donate. Recurring donations are also available. Feel free to email donations@democracy-africa.org with any questions or concerns

$50 - $99 Donation: Democracy Supporter
Receive certificate of appreciation

$100 - $249 Donation: Democracy Advocate
Receive certificate of appreciation and "Africa Can Do!" Button

$250 - $999 Donation: Democracy Advocate Plus
Receive certificate of appreciation, "Africa Can Do!" Button and Foundation for Democracy in Africa paper weight

$1000 and above Donation: Democracy Champion
Receive certificate of appreciation, "Africa Can Do!" Button, Foundation for Democracy in Africa paper weight and mug, listed as donor in FDA's annual report

Other Ways to Donate to FDA

To learn more about other options for donating to the Foundation, please click on a link below that matches the type of donation you are planning to give.

Outright Gifts
Life Insurance
Real Estate
Charitable Bequests
Tangible Personal Property
Donor Advisory Fund
Lifetime Income Agreements

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