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Africa Trade Development Center | Visit AfrICANDOMALL | Your Gateway To Africa and The Western Hemisphere

Connecting the Gateway between Africa and the Western Hemisphere

Tune in to listen to the latest news and trends on The Foundation for Democracy in Africa, The Africa Trade Development Center and the AGOA Civil Society Network.
Join us for audio seminar workshops on how MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) improve their businesses and reach to the Americas.



Making Money through Trade and Investment in Africa:
- How to make money using ATDC and AfrICANDOMall
- AGOA Benefits (Africa Growth and Opportunity Act)
- Discuss US-Africa Business Expo & Delal Awards in New York. September 20-21
- Discuss Miami AfrICANDO Conference (US-Africa Trade & Investment Conference). October 15-17
- Overview of 2019 AGOA Forum